PDS Secret and Optional NPC Dialogue: Complete Guide

I’ve added a new section to my PDS Guide called Secret and Optional NPC Dialogue. This is a complete guide to the secret, hidden and optional dialogue that you can listen to between any two characters. There are many optional conversations you can miss throughout the game, so be sure to check out the guide the next time you play PDS!

There are a few instances where you can completely miss conversations/hidden dialogue with certain people. like for instance: missing out on a conversation between Aldo and Abner outside their house, when you leave Zoah to go to Uru for the first time. Or dialogue you can miss with Damon in the Holy District, just before going to Mel-Kava. There are also a few secret conversations you can have with Gash and Azel at the Excavation Site.

You can find the guide in the Edg’s Diary PDS Guide section over at PDS Oasis or by going here:

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(Things You Should Know Before Playing PDS)

Added 6 new details:

-Information about the blue far cursor

-Changing the time of day

-Changing the time of day in Uru

-Interacting with the environment

-Information about the Telepathy Shard and its function

-Learning Astral Phantoms early

(Diary Entry 29: Underground Ruins of Uru Final Visit)

-Information on how and where to fight the Absorborac

(Diary Entry 10: (Garil Desert) Blue Ruins)

-Information on how and where to fight the Samd Mites

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Something dumb I found out while making this guide is:

The ability to change night into day and vise versa in the Seekers’ Stronghold, does absolutely nothing…I found no new conversations or character placements when experimenting with this.

I also re-confirmed that the special Berserk Technique: Astral Phantoms is determined by your level. The earliest you can learn it is at level 26 on Disc 2, just after going to Uru for the first time. Just go to camp and pet your dragon a couple of times to activate it.

One notable piece of missable dialogue worth mentioning in the Seekers’ Stronghold is right before going to the Forest of Zoah. You will find Ladha in that side room under the ramp, praying to the giant statue. She talks about little childrens souls being trapped in the statue! I always missed this in almost all of my playthroughs!

Also, right after Azel wakes up in the Seekers’ Stronghold, if you wait to talk to Gash and instead go to see Ladha in her storeroom, you’ll find her along side Sheela. And if you talk to them from afar you can see an optional conversatoin. If you talk to Gash first you completely miss this!

There is also one, extra line of dialogue you can miss from the Seeker Reuben as well, if you talk to Ladha before going to the Tower. I was amazed at the things I missed out on when writing this guide!

Here is the banner I made for the guide:

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Also, updated information about “Astral Phantoms”.

I just learned that you can get the special berserk technique Astral Phantoms even earlier and on Disc 1 right before you go to the Forbidden Zone! All you have to do is be level 26 and pet the dragon repeatedly at the campsite until you learn it! Just fight the Sand Mites in the Garil Desert until you’re level 26 and there you go!