PDS Retroview

Over the Thanksgiving break I had a chance to finally catch up on my gaming. I finally beat the last disc of Panzer Dragoon Saga after basically abandoning it because of school and crew. After my experience with the game, and a couple days of trying to figure out what exactly happened while reading some theories on this site, I can easily say that this game was easily worth every penny I spent on it; and I spent an absurd amount.

Ironically, once the mail arrived today a new copy of Game Informer was delivered. I quickly flipped through it before starting some scholarship work only to notice on one of the back pages a Classic GI Retro Review for none other than Panzer Dragoon Saga. This is what is said:

Again, being someone who has only played PDS this year after enjoying the original I downloaded off the internet, and later Orta, I truly believe this game has stood the test of time and in my opinion will continue to do so. GI gave the game a 9/10 when they first reviewed it back in '98 and give it a 8.5 now.

One thing strikes me as puzzling, they have three screenshots of the game on that page, One of which is a CG, however I don’t recall seeing it anywhere in the game?? I’ll try to scan it in later to show.

Yeah I saw that review also. I think it deserved a 9 rather than an 8.5. I personally would have gave it a 10 but thats just me.

The graphics are not that ugly by today standards. Gamers these days are a bunch of sissies, being spoiled by these new games with great graphics and zero content (thank God there are some beatiful exceptions to this rule).

Interesting… it could possibly be a promotional CG image cropped to look like a screenshot; if you get time to make a scan, I’d be interested to have a look.

By the way, it’s good to hear you liked PDS so much in the end; I remember you posted that topic a while ago about whether or not you should buy it, and most of us said that it was just too expensive these days. Afterwards it struck me that I was probably being hypocritical, because I do still own my copy of PDS; I’d rather have it than the money.

After copying some of the movies onto the computer to watch again, that screen shot was in a very small movie after Edge leaves the excavation site. My mistake.