PDS - Rare Enemy Footage on Youtube

Hello Community!

I?ve found a nice video of Rare Enemies which you can encounter in PDS.


I never knew that you can fight against the Level 3 Boss from Zwei in Saga.
PS: If this video (1 year old) has already been posted, then please close this thread.

Take care - stay alive

I am surprised to not actually recognize the last two! (Although my memory can be foggy)
Thanks for posting this.

The Golia Hunter was the only thing preventing me from getting a 100% completion score in Saga. I never ended up trying again but I will next time I play the game (still haven’t fixed my fourth Sada disc :anjou_disappointment: )

If he was going to show us rare creatures why did he opt to avoid all their attacks? Is an “Excellent!!” score really that irresistible?

Never knew about the Zwei boss, that’s awesome

Very cool. I fought the Golia with the little ship, flying it bove, but not the one on the turtle sheel esque disk. Very cool indeed.

Thank you.

Holy crap!

Do you have to fly through specific areas of the map to get some of these? Or are they just scarce oddities of the random battle generation?

Interesting stuff.

very nice! thanks for sharing!

Cool, I’ve run into a couple of those by accident, but I’m going to try to find them all.