PDS Play Result screen art?

Hello everyone! Two part question. I love the art of PDS!

Every time I’ve beaten PDS I would either get the result screen with Azel riding on that beast, or one other one that I just can’t remember at the moment…it’s one that says something like you have lived an adventure of a lifetime, iirc. But looking online, there are a lot more that I have never seen before like one with Azel looking sideways in front of Grig Orig and Atolm. Never even knew it existed after all these years!

I was wondering if there is an archive of these images anywhere I could see all of the play result screens?

My second question, is related to my recent playthrough. I’ve tried playing the game on SSF, using the XYZ trick to take high res 1080p screencaps of the art at the end of each disc. Are there any SSF saves/savestates at the end of each disc, and multiple ones for the different play results? I know the site has some for giri giri, but it’s been very difficult to get that one going. I like how with SSF I just pop in my disc and it plays right from there.

Thanks for any help!

I’m not sure if the images are listed anywhere (with details of which screen they’re from), but they are likely somewhere in the gallery on The Art of Panzer Dragoon

Do the GiriGiri save file work with SSF? Worth a try at least. Otherwise, I’d be happy to accept a collection of SSF save files for the Downloads section on the site.

I used the GiriGiri save file for SSF, so that does in fact work. You just need to disable the new save system in SSF so that it uses the standard files, I’d have to check how exactly. By the way, I do believe I have all the loading screen art art somewhere, I extracted those images from the files years ago. If you’re going to take 1080P screenshots, don’t use the emulator. You’re better off getting them in the original resolution and then resizing them in an image editor. Those have better algorithms for upscaling.

Could you please update the description on the download page with this info? Thanks.

If you are going to update the description of the GiriGiri saves files you might want to mention they are Yabause compatible as well (Just tested and if one of the files is selected as the Memory file location the saves load fine from it).

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