PDS music, help w/ patching ISO or dev'ing a SEQ player?


Recently I was browsing CD1 of the Sega Saturn game Panzer Dragoon Saga when I found the file SNDTEST.PRG. Inspection with a hex editor proved that this file does seem to be a sound test for the game, which was removed or hidden for the final relase, as it has the names of music files (.SEQ) from the disc.

I have been trying to find a sound test for this game for ages! I have also been looking for a .SEQ player, but to no avail.

Is there anyone who would be willing to help me patch in this file for execution on a real Saturn using a CD-R and the swap trick, or knows anything about a routine to play Sega Saturn .SEQ (CyberSound MIDI files) ?

Please respond if you have any ideas. I would be willing to work with anyone in any way I can help, to help either patch in this Saturn binary to the game or to develop a .SEQ player.

Thanks in advance for any help! Hope to hear from anyone who wants to investigate this.

Drenholm (Daniel)

Quick update, much as you all care! :anjou_embarassed:

Apparently, MERLiX (David Morgan) from Eidolon’s Inn, great guy that he is, is interested in this, and hopes to make players/converters for many Saturn formats. Once I’ve had a few weeks/millennia to get into programming and Saturn development, I hope to help out as much as possible.

Watch this space… One day, you’ll be able to put your Panzer Dragoon Zwei or Saga discs into your PC and play the music like MIDI files, in great brilliance, just as your Saturn did! Ha ha ha, world domination cometh closer…

Returning to sensible conversation, I’d really like to be involved in this project of David’s. I’m waiting to see if he mails back again and what the plan is. I was thinking of starting a Saturn emulator but then I realised that I can’t code for toffee… :anjou_disappointment:

Any developers and/or people-who-can-teach-dunces-like-me-to-program interested? Again this may go unanswered like my original post, but it has a lot of potential. It’s another rung on the ladder to the complete Sega Saturn emulator! PDS in 1280x1024… :anjou_wow: faints

My programming skills are not that good enough for such a feat as emulation.