PDS Ending Screen

Hello everyone.

A while back I asked if anyone knew where I could find a certain image from Panzer Dragoon Saga. The image (bellow) is one of the multiple ending screens that you can get after beating the entire game - Disk 4. Unfortunately no one had or knew where to get the picture from. But someone gave me some advice about it and suggested that I emulate the game and play it all over again and when I beat the game simply take a screen shot of the image. So I did play the game all over again using the SSF emulator, but when I got the the very last boss of the PDS the game would always freeze and crash. Nothing I tried to help fix the issue worked, and the only option I could think of to resolve the problem was to play the entire game all over again on a different emulator. Sadly though that would take to much time for me. If anyone is willing to play PDS again would you please take a screen shot of this Image and any other art from the game and post it onto Will of the Ancients.

In the meantime we can at least add this collection.

P.S: Also a heads up as a mentioned before, this screen is one of Multiple images that someone can get after finishing the game, so it could require beating the boss a few times until this particular images appears.

This image is a screen shot I took off of a YouTube video.

Hi ProjektNemesis117,

Here is the fix with SSF when you get stuck whith Sestren at “You ignore your duty…”

to fix it, go to Option → Program 1 → and choose CD Block No Wait (you may have to restart the software) since it’s not a recommended setting, as soon as you go over the broken, save the state (File → state save → choose a number), go back to option → program 1 → and uncheck Cd Block No Wait; restart the program, then go to File → State Load and press the number you previously choosed.

This tip works also if you’re getting stuck in Disc 2 before fighting Guardian Dragoon.

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On a side note ProjektNemesis117, i suspect the Ending Screen image is related to the results obtained in the game.
I’ve killed the last boss few times and always have the same ending screen:

EDIT: Ok found how you obtained this image. You need to have in play result screen, this comment “The adventure is over. But more quests are awaiting you.”

Source: https://youtu.be/gmp5gxkvuFQ
check video at 9:38

So it confirms the ending screen is depending of the stats obtained in Play Result.

Thanks @ProjektNemesis117. I’ll wait until we’ve obtained the complete set of ending images before posting these on the site.

I… must have missed your topic where you asked for those images. I actually extracted all these screens years ago. I wrote a small program to extract the raw image files but I couldn’t figure out how the color pallet worked, so they were in grayscale, As a workaround I looked up the exact location where the Saturn stored the images and the color pallet in-memory. Using Yabause, I could replace those parts in the Saturn’s memory with the images and color pallet from the screens in question. I managed to take screenshots of all the images that way. Since then, someone in Japan managed to accomplish what I couldn’t and write a program that could extract the images with color.

Solo, I do believe I linked you to a .zip file containing those images at one point. I guess we never got around to uploading these images. Let me look them up, I still have them on my hard drive.

EDIT: what I have are 4 CHANGE files (used when swapping the CD), 4 ENDING files, the save screen and 2 Start menu screens (US/EU and Japan). Solo, any idea on where I should upload them on the website? I’m optimizing the lossless PNG versions, they’re around 200kB each.

Hay Jackc

Your advice for fixing the bug worked, thanks so much. Unfortunately I didn’t have the right states, so I might have to do some work. But it seems I would’t have to because Draikin seems to have all the pictures already.

Again thanks for your help.

Hello there Draikin

Thanks so much for getting the pictures. You are awesome. If you want somewhere easy to upload the images there are a couple of place to do so: One Drive, Google Drive, Drop Box, etc…
And once uploaded you can share a link to the file.

Thanks for help dude.

The Pictures section - maybe under “Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Art - World and Scenes”? Or a new category for ending pictures.

Can I upload PNG files? I’m getting an “Picture content type is invalid” error.

I added a new “Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Art - In-game Background Artwork” category by the way.

Currently, only JPEG is supported. I’ve tried to keep the number of file type options down to encourage uniformity. JPEG is a common format and generally smaller in file size so it’s beneficial for users.

We can look at enabling PNG if there’s a case for supporting it. Perhaps as an optional extra (the same way we support FLAC but MP3 is required)? That way users would by default still download the smaller version.

I converted the PNG files to high-quality JPG versions. Here we go:


If you don’t mind Solo, I’d like to write a short article to inform our readers of the new content, and cross-post it on Segalization. We might as well share them with the community.

EDIT: apparently JacKc contributed some of these already, I wasn’t aware of that. I’m curious as to how you obtained them? They look very similar, although there’s a minor difference in coloring.

The article idea sounds good Draikin. Also can you please delete any duplicate images (keeping the highest quality version)? You might need to fix up the thumbnails in an old news entry if they’re named differently.

Hi Draikin,

I obtained some of those official art in game artworks by capturing them with SSF emulator.
With SSF, the snapshot is in BMP format (lossless quality, old format and not compressed) and i converted it to JPG (lossy quality and compressed) so it perhaps could explain the color variation.

Hey guys, do we have all of the Panzer Dragoon Saga ending screens on the site yet (and old versions removed)? If so, can you please prepare that news entry @Draikin, so that we don’t forget about it?

I’ll try and get this done in the weekend.

I haven’t forgotten, just haven’t gotten around to this yet. Tomorrow, I hope.

Thanks and no rush. I was just a bit concerned that we had published content on the site floating around that hadn’t been dealt with (the “unpublished” label acts as a marker that we still need to deal with it). My short memory easily loses track of what’s done.

I see that these are now live. Awesome.