PDOrta to get Xbox Originals treatment?


360 users - if this is true, you must buy this game. If nobody does it at least us hardcore fans need to.

I know it will be the first thing I’ll do once I get a 360 (hoping this March).

I still own the game on Xbox, so I won’t be buying this should it come out.

I’m surprised you’re so ecstatic about this, Gehn. I didn’t think you liked this game very much.

It’s PD. I owe it to the series to support it however I can. I loved Orta as a game. The gameplay was awesome. My only problems with it are the changes in art direction and music. Which matter a lot to me. If you consider neither Futatsugi nor Kusunoki worked on this game the end result was actually really good, though. Besides… its Pandora’s Box is pure fan service.

This could be very cool, PDO may get fresh consideration in a similar manner as Rez. And along with Halo the game probably holds up the best of all the games I’ve seen on BC so far, it’s still absolutely stunning, outclassing most next-gen games for the sheer craft in visuals.

Best news I’ve heard in a while!

Hopefully Panzer Dragoon Orta will find a new audience with this release. Great news (if it happens).

My sentiments are mostly the same as Gehn’s last post, this is good news. However, doesn’t Orta still crash on PAL 360s? (I don’t own a 360 myself.)

I just tried it with the latest update - it still crashes after the FMV following Episode 3.

The reason this is news at all is that this might mean that it gets fixed, and this fix would work on our disc versions as well because of the way Back Compat and Xbox Originals work.

As I explain here.

I sure do hope this makes it here. I’ll support this great series any way I can. Even though there’s a good chance we’ll never see another one. :anjou_sad: