PDO strategy guide trashed

Unfortunately I had this in my safe with some other items and the safe was contaminated with mold. More than likely this was caused by my wife’s pension book from working in Japan. We had mold problems like crazy there and this pension book smelled horrid. The PDO guide seems to have taken the brunt of the damage. I discarded unimportant items and have been working to clean the other ones like our diplomas and such, but this particular one (which I normally wouldn’t have kept in the safe, it just ended up there during a move) just wasn’t salvageable. The smell was bad and pages were discolored. Rather than risk further contamination, I had to pitch this one. Many of our other important documents I keep in the safe I had in sealed plastic bags so no mold contamination occurred. Yikes. The moral of this story, watch out for mold!

Bad luck. :frowning:

Annnnnnd now I’m really paranoid about mould.

That does suck though. There’s always eBay I suppose?