PDO Imperial Airship Screens

I finally got around to working on my website this afternoon, i just collected some basic data for the update to come, but i have screenshots a majority of the ships in the PDO encyclopedia (im leaving out the missiles, other weapons, and work vehicles at the moment). So here they are with a txt file of the description. I’m sure there are some grammatical errors, but i’ll fix things up when i actually add the images to the New Imperial Aircraft page of my site. Here is the url:


Solo if i’m using to much of your webspace let me know :slight_smile: I didn’t realize the size of the images until after i had uploaded them, as some are quite large. I can resave the images to be a smaller file size if you like.

Well done! I’m glad to see you’re still working on your site.

Cool :slight_smile:
Bte you are gonna PUT them in your site right?Or are you just upload them like that?

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]Cool :slight_smile:
Bte you are gonna PUT them in your site right?Or are you just upload them like that?[/quote]

They’ll be on my site with more detailed descriptions :slight_smile:

How big is the whole site at the moment? The large images should be alright, from what I can see, although I don’t have a way to check the size of the whole skyrider folder at the moment…

A new Empire ships page is a really good idea. I like the way you’ve made the whole site dedicated to the Empire(s). Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Nice work Aitrus. I’m looking forward to seeing all this information and images implemented in your website.

It sucks how hard it is to cut that distracting background out. I was hope somebody makes an xbox emu that you could clip out some background fx…

Good work Aitrus; it’s always nice to see more quality Panzer content online. I’ll look forward to the site update.

Yeah, when the background changes from that gold color to that darker color the screens don’t look as good. Oh well. Back to working on the site…