PDO E3 track on Galbadia


You guys probably already know but theres some Orta E3 tracks on galbadia, they’re quite interesting, like in Box Game or somthing lol. Heres the link. just Click on MP3’s (All) and obviously it’s under P…


I saw the PDO soundtrack on amazon for ?80 as well! good job I got a copy, you can probably get one on eBay or somthing for cheepert, but thats anther OST you can get on Galbadia! I love that site, dispite the obvious legal issues.


Thanks for posting this.Wow I think I prefer the music style ofthe E3 demo themes to that present in the game.I love the Boss Fight theme.

Even the Fallen Ground track seems better.

I wonder why they changed them…

very cool! I actually played that E3 version- I taped the footage someplace, I should check out if there is different stuff in game …

I’m guessing at E3 they had a massive FMV style movie, so maybe they made them more dramatic.

Or perhaps they were unfinished, they seem more powerfull for some reason… Thanks for your thoughts lol

bye x

I think they probably had a much higher budget to digitaly enhance the E3 tracks with too… just a guess

Hey. someone found my rip. :wink:
They are not from some FMV, they are from the playable demo.

IIRC “Fallen Ground” was modified because it was a little slow for the final level.