PD1 timeline doubt

85 A.F.
The Tower is discovered. The Empire’s investigation begins. The result of this investigation identified that the ancient ruins had a deep connection with the Dragoon. The investigation continues.


89 A.F.
Experimentation on The Tower begins. At the same time, there is a 2nd encounter with the Dragoon. Immediately, the Empire’s Space Battleship is dispatched but defeated. In response to the dragoon, the Invading Creatures appear from the Tower, and the city is engulfed in flame. Deathbed of the Empire.

Which dragon (dragoon) are they talking about?
The ruins are deeply connected with the dragon?Than they are talking about the Dark Dragon right?

Nope. The dragon is deeply tied to the Towers.

Dragoons are the riders so they must be talking about a drone instead?
Dragons have never been reffered to as dragoons in any of the games as far as I remember…

I think the ‘dragoon’ they’re talking about is the same creature from Zwei - the dragon Lagi. The Empire probably thought that it was him who was causing the Tower to react. Either that, or both dragons.

Just to point it out, the timeline was translated by a fan, so it probably isn’t 100% accurate.

I’d recommend reading the Dragon Report. The Empire stated at the end “All we can conclude is insufficient data.” Clearly, they weren’t 100% sure of which dragon was responsible for what role.

Also, in A.F. 85 I now believe (after my lengthy discussions with Lance) that the Empire only discovered the existence of the Towers, not a Tower per se. The timeline contradicts the information contained within the Imperial Tower report, which states the Empire found the Tower outside the capital in A.F. 89, not 85.

It is?!


Al3x : Actually (and now that I know that it was a fan who tarnslated this) they have to be talking dragons here.

Where is this timeline from anyways?I never knew…


Where is this timeline from anyways?I never knew…[/quote]

I’m not sure actually. I believe a panzer fan emailed it to me several years ago (4+ its been a long time). I think maybe Lagi may have sent it to me? But then again I’m not sure.

I think it was fan translated from a japanese magazine or internet source.

To answer Gehn’s original question, the timeline seems to use use the words “dragon” and “dragoon” interchangeably to refer to the main dragon.

Yes, this timeline is significantly innacurate there, and it is in many other places besides. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure whether the errors were just due to the fan-translation, or to Team Andromeda / Smilebit later changing the details of this information when they wanted to include it in the games. Some examples:

The timeline contradicts Saga’s Tower Report regarding the discovery of the Tower, as Geoff pointed out.

The timeline states that Shellcoof destroyed the Meccania in Imperial Year 71. We know, however, that this did not happen: the Empire was solely responsible for a military victory over the Meccania, and this happened in Imperial Year 72, during or just after the events of Zwei.

The timeline states that in Imperial Year 45, the Meccania* was conquered by Li Vis, and in IY 43, it had also been conquered by Teed (“Did”). These statements are most likely wrongly-arranged sentences stating that the Meccania was not conquered / annexed by these places, but that it conquered / annexed them. However, Panzer Dragoon Orta’s Encyclopedia confirms that the Meccania had nothing to do with this anyway, but that it was all the Empire’s doing.

(*Meccania is referred to throughout as “Oasis”, clearly an abbreviation for Oasis Federation of Meccania)

To be completely honest, this is pretty much the only information in the timeline which is also listed in the games. The rest of the timeline - though it is probably also accurate in intent rather than detail - seems fairly irrelevant to the Panzer world we know. As it’s also not a perfect translation, I wouldn’t worry too much about anything stated within it.

Team Andromeda’s website, to be exact.

…and here’s a link.

Maybe we could get someone who knows Japanese to make a more accurate translation?