PD Zwei Episode 5 boss

At the end of Episode 5 in PD Zwei, the boss fires streams of yellow laser beams at you but they always miss their intended target. I know we’ve discussed this before, but did we determine if this was a bug only found in the PAL version of the game?

The same thing happens in the U.S. version.

I think it’s more of a tracking beam rather than a weapon, sort of a lock on for when he shoots those missiles.

i thought someone said that you could get hit with them if you actively tried to… dodge into them? you won’t get hit if you stay still which perhaps could logically set you up for the missile attack.

but i can’t confirm since i have never been hit by them : /

I’ve been hit by them something like twice. I was showing off (to myself, no-one else was there) and they hit me twice on the trot.

I think it’s really a show-off light show to maybe panic the player. Pity that bosses missile attack is completely useless… he’s more dangerous without the shield than with it.


although i found his first form (non-boss, start of the level) to be the hardest of the 3 forms.

I found a glitch for that part. If you press X, he magically dies almost instantly. :wink:

Was I the only one who thought it was an evolved form of the Guardian Dragon the first time I played it?

I wouldn’t doubt it.

So as far as we know, the yellow laser beams the Episode 5 boss fires don’t inflict any damage… at all? That sounds like a bug to me…

I guess we’d need to play the Japanese version of Panzer Dragoon Zwei to be sure.

It looks like a larger incarnation of the sealances that Shelcoof launches into battle IMO.


The fact that we can’t really be sure if it died or not is what amde me think this.And also fo course the fact that eh cam from Shelcoof…