PD Videos?

Did you guys know where i can download videoclips from the games ? I mean the Sequences from PDZwei, Orta and so one. I want to make a musicvideo, but i dont habe enought stuff to made one for PD.

So if any one of you have links where i can download videos, please post them.

I search a long time but i didnt found anythig :anjou_angry:

If you have any of the Saturn games, then all of the FMVs are right on the disk in CPK format. If you have the PC version of the first game, then you can find the videos in your folder (if you installed the videos) or on the CD as AVI files. The videos on the Saturn discs are in 320 x 200 resolution, I believe (or 320x240, I don’t remember the Saturn’s specs at the moment), and don’t have the subtitles, which would probably be good for a music video. To view the CPK files, you can use one of the programs on the site to convert it from CPK to AVI. From there, you can convert the video to any other format that you would need, cut and such, etc. I don’t think Orta used any FMVs (not entirely sure at the moment).

By the way, the Saturn disc has three files, OPENINGA.cpk, OPENINGB.cpk and OPENINGC.cpk; these are all combined into a file called EXOPEN.avi on the PC version, and it has the subtitles.

And to close, this thread might help you if you’re looking to extract the actual cinematics from the game, rather than the FMVs:

panzerdragoon.net/forums/vie … php?t=1665