PD Trivia Journey

I meant main characters, but I geuss that’s right too…

Sorry, I thought you simply meant all the voice actors :slight_smile: I’m not sure how many characters could be considered main characters but I think there are around 5 that have an important role. Anyway, here’s the next question:

  1. In PD Orta, the Empire is divided into two main factions. What’s the name of the faction supporting the half-southerner who will become the Ninth Emperor?

Yep, that’s exactly right; they’re actually called Degla Bombers, and they’re even shown (with their name) on one of the offical wallpapers. You’ve got the next question now anyways, and I suspect I know the answer to it… but I don’t want to have to make up the next question for you guys, because the only questions I have in mind are evil :slight_smile: