PD Saga: Garil Desert, Blue Ruins

Ok, I’ve wondered about this since I first got there while playing PDS. What is the point of the Blue Ruins? Is there something hidden there? Was it a location that was visited in the previous PD games? I mean, as far as I can tell, it’s only the Garil Desert but at night. Any ideas?

No there’s nothing new, it just looks nice in my opinion, but the Green Oasis has been renamed Dead Oasis also.

maybe the creators had the idea to create separate day and night skins for every area but then throughout the game that idea was ditched. garil desert is a pretty early stage, the maybe the designer who created the skin didn’t want to let his work go all to waste and added this garil night skin as a hidden level…

Or it simply fits to that level for some reason… The ruins of uru also have day/night versions and an extra third sunset time version, no?

I also don’t think that the blue ruins are a sort of hidden level, I’m fairly sure that it’s meant to be garil desert @ night. If I recall correctly it even has that… thing… you can break with your lasers which is something that defines the garil desert and could have easily been removed if they wanted the blue ruins to be a new area, even if it looked the same as garil desert.

Perhaps they were going to have some quest that required you go there at night to complete it and in the end they didn’t put it in or something.

That’s proabably right, it looks really good if I made that I would want to use it.

Uru does have day, night and sunset (maybe it doubles as sunrise?) skins but they appear randomly. Since you have to visit Uru quite a few times to do the main point of Uru (getting to the underground ruins), you also have to get the tobitama stone to save a kid in the travelling caravan and theres a breakable object (it has a d-unit in it) that you have to have a laser rank of 4 to break (you enter Uru with 3) which means you have to go back for it. Garil Desert is visited as part of the main game once and there’s no point going back unless you want to see whats in that crashed ancient ship.

It’s interesting how the red and blue ruins are linked. I wonder how long it would have taken for Edge and the dragon to fly between the two locations. Presumably there is an actual physical tunnel between the two that wasn’t a playable area, as opposed to some sort of Sestren warp tunnel.