PD Quini trailer

This night I just had the craziest of dreams.It felt so real!I was using realONe player and I had just downloaded the trailer for the next PD game.

All the major character from both Orta and Saga were in it and the trailer images I recall were all in sunset Uru.

Orta was sortta bionical and Gash had a different face protection.

I really don’t remember it much but I know I woke up and felt happy as heel, still convinced things were true.

2 minutes later I tried to remember the last time I was no my PC and I almost cried…

Cool, thanks for sharing.

I think I’ve had a couple of dreams with PD-related elements in them, but nothing so specific. My own dreams tend to just be bits of random memories rearranged in a strange order and played back through my head, so the PD parts of them were more like memories of actually playing the games: pressing buttons on a control pad, watching a dragon fly across a weird landscape, and so on.

My subconscious really should put more effort into these things…

sounds like a nightmare…!

Panzer Dragoon related dreams have always been odd to me, probably because they are rare in my normal “Dream life”.

Lately however I dream about two nomads riding on a interesting type of Coolia, which has a crest simular to the Hadrosaur type Parasaurolophus…
Although the crest was much shorter…


sounds like a nightmare…![/quote]


I’d like to have a dream like that. Mine are all just a bunch of $#!]y dreams… :anjou_sigh:

The best dream I ever had was when I rode an emu around my town.

Makes you think…

You can usually relate drems to things that have happened recenty in your life…