PD Orta JP Edition Question

Hey there,

So I’ve just managed to buy a Japanese copy of PD Orta whilst in Japan (now just gotta find an Xbox to play it on). This version has the 4 track soundtrack included.

Now, I’ve read that those including the OST are limited edition, or that there is some sort of ltd ed in Japan, but when I compare the box art, they appear to look exactly the same. Can someone clarify if there was a limited/ special edition of some sort, and what the differences are?

There was two editions. Here is a comparison:

thewilloftheancients.com/enc … -j-version
thewilloftheancients.com/enc … ed-edition

[quote=“Solo Wing”]There was two editions. Here is a comparison:

thewilloftheancients.com/enc … -j-version
thewilloftheancients.com/enc … ed-edition[/quote]

So, in other words, the front covers are identical (I’m assuming the top right is a sticker)? That’s weird. Usually, you’d expect something to distinguish between the two released.

Yeah, it’s just a sticker. Otherwise, the two editions have identical covers.

no no no no !!!

The Limited japan version has a orange cover.
The regular version has a Grey cover
And the classic version has a platinum/grey cover.

Interesting, so the picture here is wrong and is actually the limited edition?
thewilloftheancients.com/enc … -j-version

yes it is the wrong picture ^^

I’ll make pics of each version of the game when i’ll receive it in a few weeks.

Well that’s embarassing. :anjou_embarassed: Sorry to mislead you, Terramax.

Pictures would be appriciated PXL. If you see any other mistakes in the encyclopaedia, please let me know.

no problem, i’ll do that if i see another mistakes.

But your work is great about this encyclopedia ! :anjou_happy:

Thanks. I think due to the sheer volume of information there’s bound to be a few mistakes, although we try to ensure these are minimal by peer reviewing the larger articles.

In the meantime, I’ve updated the entry for the regular edition with the photo and information you posted.

Many thanks to the both of you. I do, indeed, own the orange cover artwork.

It’s a pity the change is colour is the only difference.

Also, while on the subject, am I the only one that thinks (in a very rare occassion), America got the best front cover?


Personally, I like the Japanese cases best because they represent the bond between Orta and her dragon. I also prefer the Japanese cases for the other Panzer games; I think they better represent what the series is about. Whereas the PAL and US cases tend to show the dragon/rider pair as more of a fighting machine.

i prefer also the japanese cover. It is most romantic.

The Us version is too warior-like. And the Pal version is most warrior-like than the US and it is too green. :anjou_happy:

But like as always, japanes have the best covers, except for Panzer Dragoon saga, European version is the best mainly with the back of each box.

Yeah, the backs of the individual PAL cases are great. I remember being impressed by all the beautifully illustrated depictions of the characters when I recieved my copy back in '98. When it comes to front cover, I really like the Japanese version, how it depicts the other aspects of the game revolving around Azel who looms overhead.

Fair enough. You guys have a more poetic and romantic view on this game. I just love how epic the American cover looks. Makes me think I’m in for an epic, action packed time.

That’s fair enough too. :slight_smile:

Panzer Dragoon, at it’s core, was always an action packed shooter. In the original, the Bond was only hinted at; the action took the forefront of the game. Zwei expanded on the connection better with the story of Lundi saving Lagi’s life. It wasn’t until Saga that we really began to understand how all the different elements were connected, and this was expanded in Orta. But the bond added depth in Zwei and Saga, and this is one of the things that really set the series apart for me, rather than being just another action game series.