PD Orta high score

This my flight records :anjou_love: Want to see yours;)

content.foto.mail.ru/mail/doraem … /i-185.jpg
content.foto.mail.ru/mail/doraem … /i-181.jpg
content.foto.mail.ru/mail/doraem … /i-183.jpg
content.foto.mail.ru/mail/doraem … /i-182.jpg
Sub Scenarios:
content.foto.mail.ru/mail/doraem … /i-184.jpg

anyone? :anjou_sad:

I’ve been very busy trying to get my “unofficial” copy of Orta to work on my X360, to no avail. :anjou_sad: I think I’ll have to get an official copy for it to work.

StrikerX3 - You should be able to find a fairly cheap copy on eBay. it’s not in the same price range as Panzer Dragoon Saga, thankfully.

ogami - Sorry, no flight records here as I no longer have an Xbox (it died).

Solo maybe you post flight records from Zwei? :anjou_happy:

I’ll try that Solo, but not on eBay, since I live in Brazil and importing taxes are going to cost my kidney. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also looking for “alternate” methods of getting a “backup” of it to work. Let’s hope my modded X360 decides to be a good boy and read the disc…

UPDATE: It seems there is hope. I finally managed to convert the Xbox1 image to a modded Xbox360 compatible version. And I found a seller here in Brazil… easier than I expected! :anjou_happy:

UPDATE 2: My DVD recorder doesn’t burn double layer DVDs. Everything seems to be conspiring against me playing the game! :anjou_angry:

UPDATE 3: I got a friend of mine to burn the image. This time I could get to the menus, but as soon as it started loading the first episode, the game showed up an error telling me that the disc might be dirty or damaged. Argh, so close!

UPDATE 4: I got myself a DVD DL recorder and another “backup” of PDO. This night is going to be very promising… :anjou_happy:

UPDATE 5: Another DVD, another dirty disc error at the exact same spot. I’m gettind tired of this…

Sorry folks, been a bit preoccupied with a few things this week, but I’ll respond to some of the posts here in due course.

ogami - If I have time to dig out my Saturn in the next few days I’ll look at posting Zwei scores. They’re probably not that good though. :anjou_embarassed:

FINAL UPDATE: After several failed attempts, I finally gave up. :anjou_sad:

… because of this:


Yes, it is a “backup”. Yes, it’s running on the 360. Yes, I got past the goddamned “Now Loading” screen without it spitting the dirty disc error on my face. And I even played for a while, without any problems at all!

That means, yes, IT WORKED, AT LAST! :anjou_happy:

Well, you also got to know a small part of my little place. I know it’s a mess, but the table is pretty small for a PC + LCD panel + printer + audio system + X360. Not to mention the rather strange place for the phone… haha

Oh, see that tube of DVDs right next to the X360 controller on the table? Those are all my failed attempts at getting Orta to run on the 360, all of them with the same dirty disc problem at the same spot. There’s FIVE wasted discs in there. And that’s all because I skipped just ONE SINGLE STEP of the X1->X360 conversion. Six days almost dying to get it to work, sleeping at 3-4am everyday and having to wake up early to work, and it finally worked. I think I’m even more excited than I’d be if the game worked right on the first try. :anjou_happy:

To celebrate this very special moment, I’ll post my scores from Zwei tomorrow.

There you go! My Panzer Dragoon Zwei scores:


I guess they’re just average, but then I just played it twice. I have no idea why it registered only one playthrough.

Oh well… the game fails with dirty disc error right after the second part of the first mission. At least I got to play it, plus all the tutorials.

I’ll try again with better media.

(now really final) UPDATE: I got the original copy and it works like a charm!
I think I need some practice… just died to the first boss, haha!

I was going to suggest Shipitto, if you need items sent from the US. Haven’t used it before, but it looks promising. Glad you managed to get hold of an original copy.

This looks interesting. I might use it for other things. Thanks for the tip! :anjou_happy:

Heh, I finally got my first S rank on Orta: Episode 7, Hard. :anjou_happy: This is my second best score in the whole series, the best being Zwei Ep. 2, with 100% shot down and a few hits.

Once I finish Orta, I’ll post my scores for Easy, Medium and Hard.

WOW! :anjou_happy: i wait to see you all score!)

Alright, there you go: my Panzer Dragoon Orta high scores!


I guess I’ll have to replay Normal, my scores are far too low… but then, it was the first time I played.

Also, sorry for the “shaky effects” on the pictures; I have no idea how to set up the camera to avoid it.

Just improved my scores on Zwei a bit:


BTW, I figured out that Zwei supports wide screen! Amazing!