PD Orta Concept Artist

So if you guys remember my last thread, I shared some new artwork that I was allowed to post onto the main website after I got in contact with a few Japanese artists. Well, coincidentally one of the artist I messaged turned out to be one of the original concept artist for Panzer Dragoon Orta. He goes by MetalFly and his real name is Koichiro Tamura and he says that this picture and this one are his work for PD Orta. Looking at some of his other art I believe what he is telling me to be true.


The last picture was a fanfiction by the name of Panzer Dragoon Zero (I remember waiting for new content to come out for it at the time…it had episodes n stuff??) if I’m not mistaken…as and as far as I knew was not linked in anyway with the actual developers of any of the games (just fan-made).

Yes you’re right the last picture is part of a fanfiction that I know as Panzer Dragoon Pseudo. And yes it is not related to the developers of the games. However, the person that drew the art work for this fanfiction is one of the original concepts artists for Panzer Dragoon Orta, as demonstrated by the similarities of the other art work.

You can view the other art work by him on the main website.