PD Orta: area after episode 1

When Abbad saves Orta from the dragonmares after the battle with the Vermana, they fly over a desolate area filled with strange objects on the surface. They look like dead trees at first sight, but I have no idea what they really are. Did anyone else notice this? Perhaps these objects formed a defensive barrier around Yelico Valley in the Ancient Age to somehow stop biomonsters from flying in. I can’t think of anything else that could explain their strange form. Does anybody have an idea what these things could be (or have been)?

I’ll have to check it back cause I don’t know exactly what you are talking about.

Ditto G*hn



I’d say they’re just dead trees, but who knows?

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]These?


I’d say they’re just dead trees, but who knows?[/quote]

Thanks for the screenshots, Solo. Those are indeed the “trees” I’m talking about. I’m not sure if there’s any significance to them, they just seemed strange to me.

During the intro, the dragonmares destroyed everything in and surrounding the city. Perhaps those were just normal trees destroyed by the dragonmares?

…Maybe, maybe not…

I don’t know if we can assume something of that complexity(considering we just saw them in a fly-by scene on a specific level of a PD shooter) but you never know for sure do you.

Sorry,even I who loves speculating can’t find something spectacular “senseful” to say about them. :\

I think they were burnt trees, but I haven’t played Orta for awhile.

I just went and played Orta again to see the bit you were talking about (any excuse, really) and I have to admit, there is something a bit odd-looking about them… no idea what they are though, they might just be weird-lookin’ trees.

It’s kindda funny : they seemed like one of the Drenholm parts…

I can’t seem to find a screenshot that shows them in more detail. The best screen I found is this one from Lagi’s site:
Look in the lower left corner.

just look like trees to me. But I haven’t played it so I wouldn’t be an expert.

(Puts on a professors voice.)

Ah yes, the tree’s you so humbly desire to know of consist of 2 varieties.

Juniper, and Connifer. . . .


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