PD for Revolution: Good idea?


Let’s keep this ontopic shall we?

And of course, as everyone knows, the label “conspiracy theory” conveys all that anyone needs to know. Ever.

Ok, I’m very sorry to go off topic here, but this is just too hilarious. I can’t help myself. I apologize.

Now, if the government was really so obsessed with limiting our population, why wouldn’t it follow these three easy steps:

  1. Take a few billion dollars from the military budget.

  2. Invest that money in (top secret, of course) research to develop a poison that is very difficult to detect and that would kill people in sufficient numbers to, you know, actually limit the population.

  3. While we’re at it, why not invest a few more billion in alternative energy sources, so we wouldn’t have to drill for oil anymore, risk oil spills, or worry about harmful emissions. That’d go a long way toward “not being a cancer on the earth.” Plus, you wouldn’t even have to be secret about it. Everybody wins!

As far as this pole shift business is concerned, I always find it amusing when people present a theory (and a shaky one at that) as a 100% true fact. It’s spectacularly unscientific.

Yeah to put things more simply if any governments are actually trying to limit populations they’re all doing an amazingly bad job of it. I’m more interested in the possible conspiracy of the group consciousness that is perhaps trying to save the planet and our race through the very same greed and corruption that strives to destroy it?

Other than that my own conspiracy theory covers everything else, I know there are millions of people all around the world having lunch with 2 or 3 other people discussing plans both large and small that will benefit themselves and exploit or subjugate others. It’s the way things are and it’s all a conspiracy actually is.

Through much coordinated effort of spin and ridicule the term has become synonymous with crazy and unfounded speculation, which of course it is sometimes… ahem But it’s wonderful how the very word conspiracy has become the victim of such a grand conspiracy!