Parn's Shining The Holy Ark Fan CD


@Parn made a Shining the Holy Ark fan CD over on his now defunct website,

Although is no longer online, The Internet Archive has a copy of this soundtrack:

However, some of the tracks weren’t archived correctly. These tracks are

    1. Battle Theme
    1. Desire Village
    1. The Mountain Cave
    1. West Shrine
    1. Tower of Illusion

Does anyone have a copy of the missing tracks? It would be great to achieve the soundtrack somewhere besides online besides The Internet Archive too. As fans of the game will know, the original soundtrack is actually a re-arranged version; there was no official CD of the original Saturn tracks.

I’ve made a copy of this post over on Shining Force Central.


I saw your post almost a month ago but I was still slowly unpacking stuff since I moved to a new home awhile ago. I wanted to respond then, but I didn’t want to get your hopes up in the event I couldn’t reproduce, so I stayed silent. Just today, I ran into a box of my stored CDs which included a disc with all the desired recordings. Kinda crazy, that I’ve kept it all this time. Even more surprising was that there wasn’t any disc rot! The disc was dated October 31, 2000. That’s almost half my life ago.

At any rate, hope this fills in the gaps! I ripped the disc in FLAC.

Also of note, I remastered two old PC game soundtracks in my spare time which are available as well:

I’m learning an awful lot about the amount of work it takes to edit music, that’s for certain. I also hate some of the work I posted now that I’ve gotten better, but that’s life I suppose.


Thank you! I’m listening to the Holy Ark Fan CD as I type this; it sure brings back memories. Although I haven’t played the other two games, I’m always up for trying new game soundtracks, so I’ll give them a listen later.

It would be great to host the soundtrack and others somewhere more permanent. They’re a bit outside the scope of Panzer Dragoon Legacy (I don’t want to dilute the focus of the site with content unrelated to Panzer). Maybe Shining Force Central would be interested in hosting it? Hopefully we’ll solve the problem of the fragility of the web in time… IPFS looks like a potential solution. In any case, I’ll keep an MP3 version in my personal music collection if anyone needs a copy in the future.


If it’s worth any consolation, I don’t plan on closing my Google account anytime soon so those files will stay on there for the foreseeable future.

On another note, I uploaded two more songs into the drive using the second link. One of them is from Shining Force 3, and the other is from The Last Ninja. One of these days I’ll get back into it and work on finishing some Phantasy Star tunes. I have a bunch of work in progress tracks but they’re kinda just sitting unfinished.


Shining Force III sure has a beautiful soundtrack. Looking forward to the remastered Phantasy Star tracks too.