Pariah uses Panzer Dragoon Style Lock-On

I always thought this kind of lock-on could work for other games.

The rocket launcher is similarly crazy. Once it’s all hooked up, it’ll allow you to lock on to various targets, Panzer Dragoon style. You simply pass over them with your reticle, lock on, and let them rip. Digital Extremes is clearly putting a whole lot of attention into how the weapons will evolve as you play the game, and it’s seems like it’s paying off.

Glad to see that others are interested in Pariah, it seems to be shaping into a fine game.

Hmm I son’t know.Personally the story smells like clich? to me and the game mechanics seems like typical UT.I’ll have to wait…

The weapon-evolution idea sounds like an interesting touch, at least; it’s a fairly daring time for a developer to go about creating an FPS though, with Halo 2 and HL2 just past… (but on the other hand, I guess they’ll be able to ride that recent FPS interest to some extent…)

I noticed that the Nintendo 64 version of Star Fox “borrowed” the Panzer Dragoon lock-on system too, making it play quite like a PD game where you were always facing forwards. Can anyone remember if the dual rapid-fire / lock-on system was used in any major games before PD1? It’s essentially the gameplay signature of the PD shooters, but no previous uses of it really spring to my mind…

Except in Starfox you could only lock on to one thing at a time. But yeah, same idea. I can’t imagine PD was the first to use that system. It seems pretty basic.

Afterburner II.

I was going to mention Afterburner myself but I don’t remember it’s mechanics very well.

Hmm, sounds exactly like the rocket launcher from Unreal 2: you could hold down alt-fire and lock on to up to 4 targets (or even the same target 4 times) and when you let go the rockets would travel to their targets.