Panzerese or Japanese? (In PDS)

How much of the dialogue in PDS is in ‘panzerese’? I find it hard to differentiate it from Japanese and not very much of it sounds like the Panzerese in the first 2 games.
Can anyone enlighten me?

Only the opening CG and Ending CG are in panzerese. The rest of the in game cut scenes are in Japanese. Don’t worry I thought the whole game was in panzerese too. LOL :anjou_disappointment:

Its cruel that they would do such a thing… truly.
Doesn’t help those of us who actually want to learn Panzereze…

yes, I can imagine you sitting in your room now screeching “damn you sega! how dare you not use panzerse in SAGA, of all the things you could have done ;_;!!!” while sitting hunchbacked over a computer monitor… :anjou_embarassed:

I can forgive Sega.
Its probably S*ny’s fault anyway. Getting Sega on-edge and forcing them to cut corners… even back then.

Erm, I doub it.
It’s probably just Team Andromeda not wanting too, write four discs worth of imaginary languguage…

I’m happier blaming S*ny.
If my psychological image of Team Andromeda gets corrupted, I’m likely to have a mental breakdown. That wouldn’t be pleasant for me nor anyone around me at the time.

Actually, I’m sure it was more of a time and budget reason, as it stands, Saga had a massive cast (I should know, I translated the darned list from Japanese XD), if they ALL had to learn panzerese and it’s proper phonetics they’d have to wait quite some time before they could get round to recording the dialogue. As opposed to Panzer Dragoon Zwei where all of three voices were heard and a handful of lines were spoken.
And Sega didn’t quite cut corners, some of the top names in anime were used for PDS.