Panzer Zelda

Roll your own Zelda game … should make a Panzer world that you can interact and fight with- maybe you could make spirtes out of Giri Giri captures. Maybe a game where Paet or Kyle wanders the world…

Somebody made a Mario Zelda game … t.php?q=49

Although more could probably be done with newer technology, it sounds like a worthwhile idea to me, especially if the person making it was both a Zelda and a Panzer fan. I might download it and have a play around, although I don’t have the time/dedication to make anything decent. I wonder how easy it is to use?

There’s also that program called RPG Maker that I’ve tried which wasn’t overly hard to use, it would just take a bit of time to make something that resembled Panzer with it.

I had a crack at a thing called RPG Toolkit some months.
My RPG woulda been the coolest, it was about girl scouts who had to sell their cookies but would be assailed by boys, dogs, monsters, hell spawn and the worst of them all: the dreaded bearded girl scouts.

anyhow i drew two sprites and a dozen tiles before I gave up.


I’ve had a quick look at Zelda Classic before, and it does seem fairly easy to get on with if anyone here’s interested. I’d probably enjoy coming up with the map structures, script and storyline for a Zelda-styled PD game myself, as I’m pretty familiar with the whole Zelda exploration formula, but like Solo I unfortunately don’t have the time at the moment. Plus, producing good graphics, tiles and sprites would be pretty much beyond me; for something to look distinctly Panzer-esque I expect a massive amount of the visuals would have to be drawn from scratch, which is something I just wouldn’t be able to do well.