Panzer Saga Soundtrack questions

Hey sorry to ask such a silly thing, but can someone tell me the names of the tracks that are:

The fight music during The Deathmaker
The fight music during the Guardian Dragon

:anjou_embarassed: Thanks a lots. :anjou_embarassed:

The music for the Guardian Dragon seems to be missing from the Saga soundtrack. I thought it was redone when I heard it in the game, but it might just be the same as it was in Zwei. I’d have to check later. But if it is the same theme (I’ll check sometime later), hop on over to and go to their Soundtracks section, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and then the music from Episode 7.

OK. Well, thanks!

I think the Deathmaker’s theme is the track “Giant Warship”, on the second disc of the PDS soundtrack.

From what I recall, the Guardian Dragon fight music was slightly different in PDS than it was in Zwei. Hard to tell if it was just my imagination at the time though. Either way, would be nice if someone could record/rip it for comparision.

Zwei lacks the best part.Saga doesn’t.

Yeah I remember missing the Guardian Dragon in the Saga soundtrack. I will give 1000 friendship dollars to whoever rips it.