Panzer Orta $15 US at Amazon.Com … s&n=507846

That’s incredibly cheap! There’s no reason for Panzer fans who own an Xbox not to get this great game now.

doh, I still wish it came out on GC…or as well as GC…waaaah

Lagi when are you gonna do that summer update to your website?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lagi when are you gonna do that summer update to your website?! :P<<

Notice I never said which summer…yes yes I really have to- I do have a lot of nice imagery- I just should ditch the relaunch and post the new material.

I was working on something really cool for panzer fans- amazing cool, and I just couldn’t finish it. Maybe I’ll try again, but I doubt it. I should post some screengrabs.

If it’s so cool then you better get to work or else :wink:

Xbox…hmm…my best mate has one of those…he has a couple of dogs and security lights and cameras…but I think I could sneak away with it under my shirt…yes…the perfect crime…mahahahaha.

Oh? You have my attention Lagi o.o


That would probably suck lol. PDO uses effects that or only available on XBOX (according to solo), and I don’t mean to be one of those people that say “Grafx own j00!” but come on, that means they would have to rework everything no? Besides, XBOX seems to be marketing towards “hardcore” gamers, which is also what the Panzer series seems to be aimed at. GC seems more commercial imo.

Bottom Line: I’m glad that it was released on XBOX.

meh…still, I don’t like Xbox all that much my self…I mean, you can get allllll these good games for GC but theres only a few that I can imagine for Xbox that are realllly good. More than three, but ya know what I mean. Btw, on Gamezville yesterday PDO thrashed this other game at Clash of the Titles:P

Mmm… it all depends on your tastes. The only games on the GC that would interest me are the remakes of MGS and Resident Evil. And I already have MGS. Whereas on the Xbox I already have 7 top quality games with more to come.

good point. What about f-zero or mario kart DD? lol, and I like your sig:P

(I think a lot of people here are anti-nintendo/mario berserker, not myself but…)

Why no, never heard of it :wink:

Btw Lagi, i wish i had known about PDO was going to be sold that cheap or else I wouldn’t of spent $50 on it -_-

I played F-Zero the other day, its good but its not my type of game.


I played F-Zero the other day, its good but its not my type of game.[/quote]

yeah, I think it not going to be my sort of game either…ah, well, anti-nintendo eh…good enough, they can if they want…I dont really like the PS2 all that much, but opinions opinions

In general I dont like nintendo or sony but there 1 game i like on the gamecube - Super Smash Brothers, really fun for 4 players. I guess the Sonic Adventures count also but i got them on the dreamcast.

Ofcourse it’s good, Sega made it :wink: