Panzer in the Sonic comics

Adding 11 pictures of pages from the Sonic - Mega Man crossover comics that featured Panzer Dragoon characters.

Album here:

I’ve added every page that has anything from Panzer Dragoon in it, regardless of how small.

There is one picture I’m still missing, one last cover that featured the dragon. Already ordered, album will be uploaded when it arrives.

This comic series was officially licensed by SEGA to Archie Comics, so while not part of any actual Panzer Dragoon story, it’s cool to see new artwork of the Panzer Dragoon world endorsed by SEGA.

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Do any of the covers feature Panzer Dragoon? It would be good to put those covers on the site.

I’m not sure about adding the inside pages to the site since people buy the comics for the content inside of them.