Panzer Dragoon Zwei status on yabause

Hi, I’ve seen some topics talking about emulation status of Panzer Dragoon’s game and thought I would share some advices for yabause.

Some mounth ago, Yabause’s opengl renderer as improved slightly, as a result, Panzer Dragoon Zwei is now drawing out properly, here’s a walkthrough video (with chapters) for the record :

Hi malar, welcome to the forums! Are you snowdrake, the one that made that Youtube video you linked to? If so you already posted in the thread I started over at the Yabause forums. It’s great to see the progress on Panzer Dragoon Zwei, it’s a real showcase for Yabause’s OpenGL mode now. I need to look into compiling the latest version on Windows again.

Hi draikin, yes that was me. It’s good to see the only multiplatform saturn emulator improving that much (One year earlier, Virtual On didn’t even draw any 3d model, now it is in a playable state, with some crashes here and there).
Talking about multiplatform; I’ve heard there was an Android port of Yabause; did someone allready tried it ?

Added download link for yabause’s newest developement build :
(Android, MacOS and Windows)

I’ve been planning on testing the latest version but hadn’t gotten around to it, thanks for the reminder. If you’re interested, I posted an update on Burning Rangers on the Yabause forums:

Still have to try the Panzer Dragoon games to see if there are any improvements there.

While not exactly playable because the image is constantly flickering in OpenGL mode, Yabause really brings out details in the character models that the original Saturn simply couldn’t display with its limited resolution. On the left, the original Saturn resolution. On the right, Yabause in OpenGL mode running in a near 1080P resolution.