Panzer Dragoon Zwei Retrospective

Hi folks.

I whipped up a little retrospective of one of my favourite games of all time - Panzer Dragoon Zwei recently and would like to share it with you. All in-game footage is captured from a real Sega Saturn in RGB. Hope it’s of some interest.


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Thanks for that, I quite enjoyed it.

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this is really great, thank you!

Zwei def holds a special place in my heart. Saga had more depth, but Zwei really opened the world up properly , playing it can almost feel like time travel

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Amazing game and for me the best looking 32bit game around. I’m on my own though. I much rather the 1st game to all the rest in the series

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Thanks Man. I think they’re all wonderful games. I played Zwei first, then later I found the first game at a reduced price (around Xmas 96’ I think) and bought it. It felt comparatively stiff and had a low frame rate compared to Zwei and I’ve never quite got into it as much as the other two. The music is very different - I can totally understand why some people prefer it (but I personally prefer the more abstract stuff in Zwei and Saga). If I’d played the original game 1st, maybe I’d have a different perspective.

Zwei plays and looks better. The 1st game for me had the better Art direction, better music and end of level bosses. I also liked how the game captured the feeling of how it was just you and your pet against the whole world.

Brings back memories of me as a kid when I would be sent up to my room for being naughty and my faithful old dog would come in and lick me to death to try and cheer me up and where I knew my dog would give his life to save mine (like most dogs would tbf)

Panzer Dragoon captured the sense of companionship perfectly