Panzer Dragoon Zwei MIDI & Instrument Library?

Hello there! I’m new to this forum. My name’s Paul, I produce electronic music and I consider myself a diehard Panzer Dragoon Zwei fan.

I came here to ask if you could help me solve a little issue that’s been bothering me for days now. So, I am currently producing an unofficial album containing remixes of all episodes and bosses from Zwei. I can sort of recreate some melodies of the originals but only until certain point.

My goal is to take .ssf files (which I already have for all episodes) and extract their MIDI sequences and instruments.

I’ve already been exploring the TONEXT, TONCNV (etc.) field for a bit, but I can’t seem to fully understand how this conversion works. I use VGMToolbox but everytime I drop an .ssf file to extract MIDI it doesn’t extract anything nor it creates any folder. Not to mention, I can’t even get TONCNV to open.

So, to sum up: How do I obtain .seq and .ton files? And how do I convert them into DLS so that I can import them into FL Studio? Also: How do I open and/or extract .ssflib files?

What I want to be able is to use the samples at will, like here:

If this info is of any use: I use Windows 10, with the Bash command prompt.

Thanks in advance,