Panzer dragoon zwei cheats?

are there any cheats so you can’t die?? I suck in panzer dragoon shooters and I finished pd1 also by cheats, yet I can’t find any for zwei

Open Pandora’s Box then just stick your health up high…

There aren’t any literal type in cheats as far as I know though…but…you wanna complete it normally really don’t you? Go on. Just give it a few more tries. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, Pandora’s box can be opened via playing for 30 hours or having a PDS file saved.

Hey there,
PD2 is certainly not as hard as PD1. I’d suggest you play it a few more times to familiarize with the enemies and bosses.

You could open the Pandora Box like Berserker said, but you have to win the game, or play for a total of 30 hours, to unlock it.

Just asking this out of curiosity, but do you realize that you have been replying comments made over 13 year ago?