Panzer Dragoon XBOX on Ebay


I’m only interested in one with a necklace, necklace is not enclosed!

So does not look like I’ll be sniping this one.

If I do change my mind and decide to snipe it, wo betide you ;p


Did anyone here bag it?

Not I!

I feel I should probably move out of my parents house before I spend hundreds of dollars on a different colored version of a system I already own.

Just think, you could buy a house.
Or buy a Ferrari and live in a Ferrari.

I know what I choose.

necklace? or keychain?

if you like the neclace i can sell it to you. i gut one with my orta special edition. I don’t wear it, and I have no place to display it right now. i’m living in saitama right now. but i guess shipping anywhere might not be that expensive.

PM’ed :anjou_love:

I’m interested,
Even though there is always the chance that one with a necklace will show up, everyone I’ve seen on ebay so far has been without it… =

Another PD Orta XBOX has upped on eBay!

Condition is simply described as “Brand New” and quite frankly, his price makes me laff:


saw a pic of the necklace!
i would love something like that if someones got another =O

1,499 us $'s!!! Thats like ?800…

What a chancer… anybody who considers it at that price is a fool, or has more money than sense.

Surely they can’t be that much of a collectors item, can they?

He does not even guarantee a box!
He says he will only include it if he finds it!

Comedian in action :anjou_angry:

Man, that’s some crazy pricing :anjou_wow:

I remember someone linking me to a ebay PDS going for $500. I was gonna say it’s dropped to round ?50 since then, until I just checked. ?130 one of them!

Good luck with the necklace, I hate buying things on ebay. It’s about as frustrating as a Megaman game.

I think I’m going to sell the neclace. how much would you think it’s wort? maybe 30 bucks? I also have that orta pewter statuette, is anyone interested in that? I think it’s quite rare shrugs


Are you talking about the Cold-Cast statue or those other mini statue things they released in Japan?

I’ll pay you your price for the necklace provided I can afford it, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

He means the pewter figures that can be found in this topic:

To which I have a question as to where these statues came from and what number run did they have since there are two versions of them, which one I think is fake (see link above for discussion).

There are also those colour figures in a similar size but on a base and stand (One of a dragonmare and the other of orta and lagi)

I believe the painted Dragonmare and Orta & Lagi figures were given out as prizes in Japan or something…