Panzer Dragoon VS. Video Games

I know Panzer Dragoon is a series of video games that creat a HUDGE story, but which would you perfer: Panzer Dragoon games (all of them) or some other Video game…?

OH, and if you are confused about Panzer Dragoon anything and you are new here like me, then i just want to let you know there are a ton of people here who helped me here (i thank you all)

Or you can just talk about anything :anjou_happy: Enjoy…

I voted for Panzer Dragoon. I’m assuming that you’re basically asking if PD is our favorite game series. I honestly think Panzer Dragoon Saga is probably the best game ever made.

BTW, have you actually played the Saturn games?

Definitely going to have to go with Panzer Dragoon. I’ve been playing games since around 1989, and while I do have some favorites, the Panzer Dragoon series is by far my favorite of all time.

Fantastic game series. Well worth the money they charge these days, but luckily, I never had to pay $150+. My grand total was about $75 for all three of the Saturn games, years ago.

I voted for Panzer Dragoon also. Though I think the series as a whole went down in my estimation with Orta.


I WAS JUST WAY TO CURIOUS!! wait until Solo Wing Dragon sees this… :anjou_embarassed:

Shadow wrote:
Though i think the series as a whole went down in my estimation with Orta.

What do you mean Shadow?

I dislike Orta for being so artistically different from the Saturn trilogy.

Dragon Master03, have you beaten Orta yet? Because once you have you can play the first game in Pandora’s Box. It’s not exactly the same as the Saturn version but it’s close enough.

Orta was graphically very different and musically slightly different from the original Saturn trilogy. It’s sort of like Mario Sunshine: a good game, but not a good Panzer game.

yes Dopefish, i have beaten Orta, but i have to start over again cause my 1st xbox broke down. its name was goat tooth cause a friend has Halo and told me it can tell you what the name of your xbox is…

its a stupid question. Something tells me that Panzer Dragoon Games won.