Panzer Dragoon Vier

What does Vier mean?

I have completed Easy and normal mode and it showed Panzer Dragoon Orta but upon completion of Hard it showed Panzer Dragoon Vier. I also have come to the conclusion that as long as you complete all three modes you will get the entire Pandora’s Box. I think… pls correct me if i’m wrong.

So is Vier 4 in German? Like Zwei for 2?

Yes, you are quite correct. Vier is four in German.

Having completed Orta on all the difficulty modes, I can verify that it DOES NOT open up Pandora’s Box 100%.

You still haven’t completed the box Skiad?1

shakes head

You killed Abadd on difficult?

I’ve slaughtered Abadd and his poxy excuse for a Dragonmare on Difficult, or Hard, or whatever the highest difficulty is (can’t remember).

And unfortunatly Gehn, several games better than PDO have caught my attention. Them being Halo, Ghost Recon, and… KOTOR!!

Strange… I completed the game at 20 hours ?? mins and have the box opened 100% instead of 24 hours… finished everything else except i do have one more sub scenario to complete. For me I took 12 tries playing End of Destiny on Hard mode before passing the final level… a tie with my level 8.

I’m curious to find out how many tries most ppl here took. This is the xbox game I’ve played the longest!!! Splinter Cell is actually collecting dust after I finished it and I don’t even feel like playing Kola Cell even though I got the OXM sept 2003 disc. Panzer Dragoon Forever!

I have, and probably always will have, played Morrowind more than any other Xbox game. Splinter Cell is possibly second, but its close between that and Halo.

As for PDO, I defeated Abadd on Hard on my first attempt. It took me 3 attempts on Easy, and numerous attempts on Medium. Its pretty easy once you memorise the pattern.

I had some trouble reconising the tail attack pattern and very often I couldn’t get a good lock-on to all his homing missiles. I survived thanks to the trusty Beserk attack!

doesn’t the box open if you just play the game 20 hours? My box is open and I haven’t even tested playing on hard…

Meh if you’ve beat the game on normal you can do it on hard. Its not that difficult.

I was hoping that it would come out on GC when I first heard of it, like ages and ages bk…but no it came out for Xbox…well actually, I knew about it before GC and Xbox came out…but still ya get me picture…sounds really good as well and looks really good:’(

eh? PD was always destined for xbox. They announced it before the launch of xbox.