Panzer Dragoon: Variation

I recently picked this Doujinshi up on ebay, is interesting? non?

It will take a while to arrive, with the mail lag n’ all.


Keil and Skydart? :anjou_happy:

I’d be interested in seeing some scans if you’ve received the book… any chance you could post some?

Hey. How would everyone feel if Solo scanned in all his guide books for the games? Good idea? Bad idea? Legal?

I think Solo wouldn’t find it so pleasant xD

I will give it a shot when it arrives! It sent by SAL, (hey, it was free!) which takes ass long to arrive usually.

It was also mailed out this week, I might not scan the entire thing, depends how thick it is (I really hate scanning big texts) ;p

Reminds me I still have to upload the Jap dub of the anime, I have still have yet to buy a new capture device >__<