Panzer Dragoon Time Capsule

For sometime now I’ve thought about the idea of creating a small Panzer Dragoon memeriol of sorts built with the help of crowd funding from fans all over the world. It would have a time caplse buried beneath or inside it. Maybe a marble statue of a dragon or maybe a 10 foot replica of one of the towers made of titanium with the time capsule stored behind a dragon emblem. Many many possibilities there with people submitting concept designs. I’d be willing to use my large collection for the contents of the capsule. Yes i’d let it all go for the people of the future if it’s feasible which I think it is tho it won’t be easy.

Issues such as where to build it and land use, how best to raise money for it and for how long before opening it are issues that can be discussed and worked out over time.

I’m here to ask you all if you think this is a idea that is worth it, one that the Panzer community would get behind. Can you see it becoming a reality or would it all be a waste of time?

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Panzer Dragoon is a niche series already, so few people will remember it no matter what you do.

I think Sega should just make a new game. It’s on my list of things to do.

A question I would ask: who is your target audience for digging up the time capsule? If it’s the near future, what is to stop someone from just playing the games? If it’s in the far future, what guarantees exist to ensure that someone will find the capsule? I guess that’s three questions.

Target audience would be young people tho finding a time capsule from long ago would excite people of all ages and prompt them to start researching Panzer.

I’m thinking 100 - 1000 years in to the future. Open date and instructions would be inscribed somewhere on the memerioal. We would work on making sure several reminders are set up so people do not forget about it.

This is a far fetched idea but I do beleive it is possible… I wouldn’t be offering to bury $1,000+ worth of Panzer items if I thought it couldn’t happen :slight_smile:

First thing is where we would build it. I was thinking of Yukio Futatsugi’s home in Japan or even here in the states. From what I understand he went to school in San Francisco right? Maybe it can be built on the grounds there for the children to open up? Does anyone know the school if that school still even exists?

What’s to really stop an opportunist from robbing it and selling off the contents for a quick buck though? The internet (especially this site) acts as a better time capsule to preserve everything Panzer digitally.

And who knows? The Panzer Dragoon series might still have future releases. Sega isn’t exactly gone, and we might get a rosetta stone moment where someone finds the Saga source on a floppy disk or something and we get a remaster.

Now you may be asking why i’m even thinking of such a project…

I’m a founding member of Greystone Park Memorial. Our group is taking the saved ornate facade stone from the demolished building and creating a memorial. Please take a second to look at our Facebook page so you can see what we plan to build.
It will have a ruins look and feel to it… like something you would see in Panzer Dragoon. The memorial will have a new cornerstone that will contain a stainless steel time capsule in it :slight_smile:

So now you see where i got the idea to do one for Panzer Dragoon and with the experience i gain from that project i will apply to this. It may not be anytime soon, it will be a few years down the road but i intend to make this a reality at some point. There will be many aspects and challenges of this project that will have to be looked at and worked out but i have faith it can be done. It will take a lot of hard work and time but there are thousands of other time capsule projects that have been a success and so will ours.

Thanks for taking a look at my idea and once i have the free time and experience in the next few years i will start this project and we will all create something amazing.

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