Panzer Dragoon: Text Adventure

I’ve been toying with an idea to create a text adventure…

It’d be after Orta. A spiritual sucessor of sorts. I’d like to keep it as abstract as the originals, so maybe I’d write it as a poem, like Paradise Lost (John Milton) or something. I draw quite a bit, so if my talents decide to kick up a couple notches or two I could incorporate some of my ideas if I feel they live up to the standards…

Man that is a good idea.I was going to do it once with my bro (he draws) but he couldn’t simply cause he was never home…

Well anyways welcome to the forums Lundi :slight_smile:

God luck :wink:

That’s a great idea, I’m sure I speak for most of the people on this board when I say that. Text is a very effective means of conveying a story because it leaves a lot for the imagination.

I always thought the games were too visual for text to capture the feel.

N-o-t a-t a-l-l !

Jeez, lets hope not ><

Damn…that would be fun, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

You are in the sky. Exits lead down. You see>


Azel goes east. Gash sits down and sings about gold.
Time passes.


A few years ago when I first played Saga I made a QBASIC game based on it. It was a text adventure based on a character walking around on foot but unlike the games with a long build up to finally dragon riding. I never finished making the game but it was fun while it lasted.

Sounds cool. Maybe you could post what you finished of it? :slight_smile:

I would but its on an old computer with resolution so low that when I load up windows (3.1) I can’t get anywhere from the desktop. I don’t think it’d be very long though. I remember on one of my QBASIC games I spent an entire afternoon just making some words scroll across the screen.

I love fooling around in Q and Apple BASIC.

I once made a QBASIC version of Candyland. It sucked.

Well, Candyland sucked, so that would be inevitable. :slight_smile: