Panzer Dragoon T Shirts

Hi guys take a look at this: … style=mens

This website has great artwork on multiple stuff, i personally have already ordered a WipEout t shirt with the Piranha logo from there, and i must say that both the t shirt and the print are good quality.

Unfortunately Panzer Dragoon art is almost none. Is there any possibility for a member or members to submit art to Red Bubble so we can all have nice T Shirts ?

P.S: Before you say i can always find someone to do the prints on a t shirt, no i can?t, i have already tried diferente option na no one seems to do a decente print -.- . Not only that, maybe it could be a good way to publicize panzer and TWOTA

I do have some of my Panzer Dragoon art there that I put on T-shirts, but the listings are private because I made them for myself and one of my friends only, and also you’re not supposed to put fanart on there from what I’ve read, because people have had their stuff taken down. That is the main reason I made them private, though. I worry a lot.

Here’s one of the shirts I designed from Redbubble:

But everything in there looks like fan art LOL

There is a lot of fan art on Redbubble, but not all of it is. I just see a lot of people on their forums posting about their fan art shirts getting removed. But if there really is something you would like, I could make it public temporarily until you buy it.

I have this: … the-dragon
The shirt does not have the watermark on it.

as well as the other shirt I posted. There’s one other of the Solo Wing dragon, but someone told me that picture was bad and I shouldn’t have put it on a shirt, even though it was just for me and my friend.

Maybe i could send you some pics to turn into t shirts ? I can also try to design them on my own, lets see how i do :S

Alright. You can do that.