Panzer Dragoon... Story?

I noticed this obvious fake on ebay, but still, anyone wanna check it out?
I severely doubt it’s anything other than one of the first two games, but you never know. I’d be unable to run it, myself.

I suspect it’s just a sloppy item description; the thing shown in the photo is the Japanese PD1 instruction leaflet, which has “Panzer Dragoon Story” printed in the top-left corner on one side: … c-j_03.jpg

As the game’s advertised as being without the CD cover, the guy listing it probably mistook that for the title.

Wow, Lance is back!

…okay, so maybe not a fake after all then ^_^’

Nothing to be embarassed about; I imagine that most non-Japanese PD fans don’t know what the Japanese instruction booklet looks like.

But if you want to see a really fake PD auction, this is about as fake as it gets.

And the punchline is that the seller has a whole shop full of this nonsense.

Oh yeah, I hate that guy. Rips covers from Saturn games then burns CD-Rs - lovely. I feel sorry for the people who buy that crap - then again, maybe they deserve it for not looking further (and not getting suspicious when they see the exact same cover art as the games).

How does he get away with it though? I’m tempted to buy something just for the opportunity to leave him negative feedback.


Can’t you report someone selling bootlegs to eBay or something? o: