Panzer Dragoon... Spore style!

Check out this is (surprisingly accurate) version of the Solo Wing that someone made using the Spore creature creator:

Also, the Valiant Wing Agility Class (my favourite dragon form in the game, woohoo).

This one, I think, is supposed be Dermont’s Ranch, with multiple dragon pups surrounding the dragon. It’s not so accurate though… … re=related

Another Solo Wing: … re=related

Someone could create some PD monster battles with this technology. Wormriders vs Mutants, for example.

First solo wing rocks, I want it as a pet. Even has fitting animations!

Valiant wing link is wrong :frowning: is it this one? Not bad!

For the rest, A for the effort.

Must. . .Get. . .This. . .Game.

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]Valiant wing link is wrong :frowning: is it this one? Not bad![/quote]

Yeah it is; I pasted the wrong link.

Too cute… for… senses…

This is clearly AWESOME lots.

So cute! :anjou_love: