Panzer Dragoon Soundtrack questions

Can some explain the difference between the Panzer Dragoon OSV and the Panzer Dragoon OST? They are both for sale on ebay and i am wondering what the differences between the two are. The buy it now prices aren’t bad either (ok well i’d pay $100 for both of them).

PD OSV: … gory=43661

PD OST: … gory=43661

I saw the OSV only has 10 tracks while the OST is what i have in .mp3 form on my computer.

There is also a PDS OST for sale as well, its the original too, not the Memorial Album re-release. Its from the same seller as well!

And i just got my PDO soundtrack today! I got in on ebay for $16.50 (thats with shipping!) a pretty good price i think.

The OSV will likely be selected tracks that give the games best impression. Another, similar thing was available for Sonic Adventure 2.

I hate to tell you this, but I recently got the PDO OST new from Amazon for US$14.98. Still, the price is close enough.

As for OSV… I’m not sure about that. I didn’t realise there was more than one soundtrack for the original Panzer Dragoon (apart from the D-RAM remix).

$14.98 is a great price, did that include shipping? Buying the PDO soundtrack was sort of an impulse buy for me :slight_smile:

I had known of the 2 different Panzer Dragoon soundtracks, but i really didnt know what the difference was. Maybe one day i will be able to afford the OST.

Maybe I should nab a copy of the Orta OST before its price increases to ten times of that in five years time.

That wasn’t including shipping, but I think it was free in US if you bought two or more items…