Panzer Dragoon - Soft Information Vol.2

Hi, first time poster long time visitor, love the site.

I recently picked up a Sega Saturn version of the original Panzer Dragoon which is titled “Soft Information Vol.2 Panzer Dragoon”.

As far as i can tell the disc is exactly the same as a regular PD disc and the only difference with the game case is the front cover.

It only cost me 280 Yen so i’m pretty sure it’s not anything special/rare, but i’ve just never seen or heard of “Soft Information” before and was hoping that one of you more knowledgable folks might be able to help me out and fill me in!


Welcome Azel’s Haircut! Do you ever just want to cut that thing off BTW?!? And I want to know what products are involved in keeping it so manageable…

So anyway, that sounds kinda funny there, Soft(ware?) Information Vol.2, I can only guess it’s some re-release label sort of deal… ?

Well the hair sorta takes care of itself. I need to apply the odd haircare treatment which contains genuine Coolia dung extract but that’s about it.

Anyhoo, after looking more closely at the the whole thing i think i’ve figured out what this actually is.

The “Soft information” cover itself is slightly smaller than CD case-sized and so i believe it may be a promotional leaflet of sorts for Panzer Dragoon.

I suspect that somebody probably nicked the actual cover and put this in it’s place.

Kinda funny though since being a bit of a collector of the random Panzer items i come across out here in Japan i wouldn’t have gotten my hands on this any other way other than by random luck.

Now i just feel silly for not figuring it out sooner.

PS: The poster that comes with the Japanese PD is an absolutely brilliant piece of artwork IMO!