Panzer Dragoon Series Sculptures and Cosplay (12/2/16)

So, awhile back I found some really great looking images of several different sculptures/figurines of various things from the Panzer Dragoon series as well as a really good cosplay of Orta, and thought some of you might like to see them. As usual, I’ll be posting the pictures in the order of the Panzer Dragoon games that they fall under.

Panzer Dragoon:
Blue Dragon and Rider by Ozaki Shosan workshop’s
Make a dragon of Panzer Dragoon by Takeshi Wakasa
Blue Dragon and Prototype Dragon by UMR

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei:
Shelcoof Sculpture

Panzer Dragoon Saga:
Edge and Dragon by Sparrow S.A.
Atom Dragon Sculpture by Atelier Luna

Panzer Dragoon Orta:
Orta Cosplay by Erika Door

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Published the sculpture photos.

Still waiting to hear from Erika Door to see if we can use her cosplay photos.

@ProjektNemesis117 Did you hear back from Erika Door to see if we can upload her photos? If we don’t have permission to use them I would like to remove them from the Drafts page to reduce clutter.

Please go ahead an remove the pictures. I don’t believe that we will hear back from her any time soon.

I’ve removed them. It should be easy enough to re-add them if she ever gets back to us (with the albums system that I added recently).