Panzer Dragoon Series Retrospective - A Complete History and Review

This is a great video for Panzer Dragoon fans to watch. It’s four hours long, so you may want to set aside some time to watch it.


So I’ve been planning to watch it. As I’m currently emulating Saga, does this video spoil any of that game’s plot points? If so, then I’d want to save it for when I finish Saga.

Yes, it does. So you may want to wait until you finish the game.

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It’s incredibly good. I watched all 4 hours of it. Truly melancholy. Ouch.

But! On a positive side-note; in the comments, I came across talk of “Azel Resurrection”, which looks amazing obviously. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

I watched it. A few small mistakes, but overall this is an amazingly detailed, in depth summary of the series and the history of Sega around that time. Easily the longest video on the series I’ve ever seen. A huge effort must have gone into creating this, so a big thanks so the creator of the video if you’re reading this.

The conclusion is sad, essentially stating that the series is dead (correlating with Sega’s demise) and that the upcoming remakes have been cancelled. I’m not quite that pessimistic as I believe that we’ll at least see Zwei Remake (indeed, it was confirmed to still be in development this month), but in terms of seeing a continuation, that’s another story. We have our memories at least if that never happens.

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Yep. Monika Ginter has confirmed that Zwei Remake is still in development on FE’s Discord. I imagine it may take a bit longer than the first one to make because of multiple dragon forms and the different paths you can take.

Also I imagine they’re prioritising work on other remakes, such as House of the Dead and Front Mission. It makes sense for there to be a bit of time between the two Panzer remakes to diversify their release lineup, rather than two similar games coming out close together.