Panzer Dragoon Series Japanese Soundtrack CDs

Hello all,

I’ve been a fan of the site for a long time. My favourite game in the series is Saga, with Orta a close second. I wish Saga would get a full remake!

I currently live in Japan, but will be moving back to the UK very soon. Because of that, I’m having to clear out a lot of my possessions. Most will be sold to second-hand stores and the like, but I have 5 very special CDs in superb condition that I would prefer to go to someone who will truly love them.

I hesitate to post a ‘sales’ type thread as my first message, but I wanted to give real Panzer Dragoon fans the chance - are any of you looking to buy the following to help complete your collection?:

AZEL - Panzer Dragoon Memorial Album
AZEL - Panzer Dragoon RPG
Panzer Dragoon Zwei Original Soundtrack
Panzer Dragoon OVA Original Soundtrack
Panzer Dragoon Orta Original Soundtrack

I also have the Xbox Limited Version of ORTA with the mini-soundtrack CD available.

I can provide photos via e-mail if you like. Priority, of course, would go to someone who would like all of them. Prices fair, and I’ll ship internationally. Payment would be via paypal.

Again, I’m sorry to post a sales thread here, but I’m not sure which other channels I could use to offer them specifically to Panzer Dragoon fans.

I hope you guys are okay with this.

Very best,


Welcome to the forums, Genjuro.

No problem about posting a sales thread. I know that there are several collectors who visit these forums; some of them might be interested in buying your collection.

Thanks, Solo. I hope the collection will go to a serious PD lover. :slight_smile:

You have ome things very interesting :slight_smile:

But i have already this stuff. Good sales to you :slight_smile:

Hi, just registered as by coincidence I’m currently looking after the AZEL soundtracks.

But as I’m only interested by these, and coz I’m new here (even if I’ve been around a while), I’ll understand if you prefer to wait a bit and maybe sell them to someone else who might take the whole thing.

But be reassured I’m a kind of a fan, bought the game when it came out, sold it few years later, still regreting it! I’ve been recently working on the artwork for the recently translated french fan-version of Panzer Dragoon Saga, which made me start a little collection still far from PXL’s one :anjou_embarassed:

So I would be glad to take care of these. By the way :

AZEL - Panzer Dragoon Memorial Album
AZEL - Panzer Dragoon RPG

wich version is the second one? Complete one or Mini Album?
I’ll try to PM you so you can send me pics.

Thanks in advance, and good sales!

Merci du compliment :stuck_out_tongue:
Vous en etes o? de la traduction francaise du Saga ? il me la faut, car l’anglais de la version euro est quand m?me hardos ? comprendre ^^.
Si tu es pas loin d’Aurillac, tu peux venir voir mon “mus?e” Panzer Dragoon :wink:

Et n’oublie pas de parler du projet de traduction ici, je dois pas etre le seul frenchie dans la place :stuck_out_tongue:

hi PXL, I PM you in french and maybe create a topic for these purposes. I Just don’t want to interfere with Genjuro’s sales . :anjou_happy:

Thanks for your interest.
If you send me a PM with a mail address, I will send photos that will, hopefully, answer your question about the second album.


Well it seems I can’t PM people… I only get a GMT+5 information page when I try to… is it a known bug? or a limitation for newcomers ?

Try to PM me first if you can Genjuro if you can, maybe it will unlock something if I have a message to answer to…

Ah, I get the very same problem. GMT+5. Not able to send PMs.

Mods? Is this a known bug?

EDIT: OK Solo!

You need to have made at least 5 posts in order to send a PM. This limitation was put in place to prevent spammers from registering and easily sending PMs which would be deleted by the time the user clicked the email link, causing a lot of confusion.

Ah, thanks Solo. That makes a lot of sense, actually.

And with that, I just hit 5 posts, so I guess I should be able to PM now.

I’ll take some photographs of my Panzer Dragoon collection tonight. :slight_smile:

Apologies everyone… I should have updated this thread.

The CD collection found a good home with roludom and they’re just waiting to be shipped off by airmail once my girlfriend can come to the post office with me (I speak almost no Japanese myself, sadly).

Anyway, just wanted to note that the whole collection has been sold. Thanks.

Congrats \o/ :anjou_love:

Off topic, but where in Japan are you living? I’m currently living in the Ibaraki prefecture.

Do you still have a CD’s for sale?

Sorry king1641, as Genjuro said, I bought them all. You can still look over the web to find those soundtracks like I did to complete the collection. Good Luck!

daammmiiit…no money :anjou_sad:

[quote=“Solo Wing”]Welcome to the forums, Genjuro.

No problem about posting a sales thread. I know that there are several collectors who visit these forums; some of them might be interested in buying your collection.[/quote]

You should’ve told me earlier! I live in Japan and I’ve sold Panzer Dragoon stuff on ebay in the past. For instance, I was contemplating buying and selling this off: