Panzer Dragoon Series Fan Art Collection

Hello everyone.

So a bad habit of mine is that I collect any type images related to a series that I really like. Panzer Dragoon not being an exception to that rule, I have collected a lot of art for the series over the past few years and I thought now would be a good time to share the collection of fan art that I collected. Some of the images are from this site and many may be familiar but I hope you’ll find many new ones that none have you have ever seen.

I have divided the collection up by the game in the series and one exter album full of art that is inspired by Panzer Dragoon or that don’t just fit into one game in the series.

Panzer Dragoon Fan Art Collection
Panzer Dragoon Zwei Fan Art Collection
Panzer Dragoon Saga Fan Art Collection
Panzer Dragoon Orta Fan Art Collection
Art Inspired by Panzer Dragoon

I would also like to know which image is your favorite please.

EDIT: If any of you see an image that you like and would like to know what site I got it from, I’ll try to let you guys know. If you would like to ask the artist for permission to post their art here on Panzer Dragoon Legacy, please do so.

Mine would be these 2:

Those two are really nice. I will have a look through the whole set properly later. It would be good to get permission to put some of these on Panzer Dragoon Legacy.

Some of the pictures I have collected are from broken sites long forgotten or some other dark place on the internet. So it would be impossible to get in contact with the original artist. Are you ok with us posting images like that?

I just looked through them all and was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of fantastic art. Really nice collection you’ve made there.

I’m not sure that I could choose just one picture as my favourite. I like this picture that shows many characters together in one picture:

Regarding “lost art” being put on Panzer Dragoon Legacy, that does sound reasonable if the image is definitely not available anywhere else. This site exists to preserve, after all, and we run the risk of losing the art otherwise. I’m not sure what the best way to go about this is. Perhaps we set up a special contributor profile for mystery artists, e.g. “The Lost Artists”. But we would have to try and avoid cases where the artist contacts us and complains that the picture was added without their consent. Is there a way to do an image search across the web (e.g. comparing files) to see the image is already hosted elsewhere?

Nice chose of a favorite images. The one you chose is actually from Pixiv, which is the Japanese site we talked about on the other forum.

So an example of images that I found off of lost website would include something like the 2 images I posted above. To be honest I’m not exactly sure how I got to the original site they were on but it was definitely what you would call a broken website with barely any functionality.

Also there is a way to image search a picture. Simply go over and right click on the image (in Chrome) and select “Search Google for Image” and most of the time you get similar result to the picture you searched.

I’ve set up a new contributor profile for these images:

However if the image is still available on another website, we should obtain permission before adding it to the site and properly give credit to the artist.

I’m going to slowly start adding pictures that I believe who’s artist are unknown and no longer reachable using “The Lost Artist” profile you set up.

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If any of you see an image that you like and would like to know what site I got it from, I’ll try to let you guys know. If you would like to ask the artist for permission to post their art here on Panzer Dragoon Legacy, please do so.

Sorry for this but I don’t remember Azel having such massive boobs ah ah

lol. Lets just say that the artist that drew that image tends to draw much more erotic things.

I’ve moved this topic to “Contributions” so that we can track progress. Where did you get up to @ProjektNemesis117?

I’ve been thinking about this some more. I’m not going to have a “Lost Artists” profile on Panzer Dragoon Legacy (besides for those two MIDIs we’ve hosted forever).

We should either track down each artist and get their permission to publish their art on Panzer Dragoon Legacy, or the art shouldn’t go on Panzer Dragoon Legacy; it is fine for people to just view the galleries @ProjektNemesis117 created on Imgur as a permanent solution for viewing this art.

In practice, we have enough new contributions coming in all the time; we are kept busy enough just keeping up with these contributions. I’d also prefer that consent be given explicitly for every contribution on the site.

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