Panzer Dragoon Series Endings

I am wondering how many endings Panzer Dragoon Zwei has. I beat the game at level 13 or 14 with a rank of “Lunatic.” I beat the guardian dragon the first time, and he didn’t morph into his 3rd form. I watched the ending, quickly reset the game, and replayed the final stage. The dragon morphed into its 3rd form, I defeated it, and got the same ending. I was just a bit disappointed after beating the original on hard and being pleasantly surprised to find the extra “congratulations” screen.

So, does zwei just have two endings?

I plan on getting the true ending, eventually. I was just a bit put out that the extra effort resulted in nothing…except some satisfaction knowing I beat the dragon’s final form.

It has a few different endings depending on the dragon form you have when you beat it but they are mostly the same just with the appropriate from of the dragon where it’s seen. That’s all I can remember, but it’s certainly more than two as you can finish it with several different forms like skydart, brigadewing, blue dragon, and other lesser ones.

thanks for the info.

What are the requirements for the Solo Wing and the true ending in zwei? I’ve read two or three diferrent explanations on how to get the best ending/solo wing dragon.

I think there are 5 endings if memory serves.

a,b,d,e are all the same but c is the true ending. Something like that.

To get Solowing you need to have 100% on every level. I think.

It’s not an easy task either way =P

well, luckily it’s one of the (if not the) best looking games on the saturn; because it looks like it might take me a while to pull it off.

what i’ll probably do is take it one level at a time (taking routes 2,2,3), doing each level over until i get a 100%, then put in the suicide code on the next level, save and quit, continue, rinse and repeat. should make it a bit easier to take it one level at a time.

anyway, thanks for the help.

oh, and team andromeda could’ve put a bit more effort into the PDS ending. [/obligatory complaint about PDS’s ending]

As Berserker said, if you get 100% shot down ratio you’ll get the true Zwei ending… the Type 01 ending.

Here’s a guide that may help you out: … _guide.php

thank you Solo Wing. you rock.

A perfect 100% isn’t needed to get Solo Wing (and the ending C) but you have to be pretty damn close.

I think Lagi needs 21 evolution points to achieve Solo Wing. To do this you need to score 2 points for your shot down ratio (which is what? 95%?) in each episode and to maximise the points from routes. This means you need to take Ep2 - route 2, Ep3 - route 2 and Ep4 - route 3.

Also remember when you morph into Sky Dart you can roll by double tapping and holding left or right.

mission complete! i finished with a rank of winged death.

for some reason, i thought it would unlock all of pandora’s box, and it didn’t. i’m playing the JP version, so maybe it has something to do with that?

anyway, cool game.

Pandora’s box can be opened 2 ways as far as I know.

Getting a playing time of 20 hours or having a PDS saved file.

Sometimes the PDS saved file technique doesn’t work however…as I’ve found. Not sure why, might do now that I’ve had a chance to replace the battery in my Saturn.

Gratz on the rank…didn’t seem to take you very long =P