Panzer Dragoon Sega Saturn Magazine Scans


Joey Anderson and I in the progress of extracting the Panzer Dragoon articles from Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) scans in single PDF files per article. I’ve put this topic here to discuss further collaboration on this (and so that we don’t forget about it). Original SSM scans contributed by Jon Halling.


Best magazine ever. Arcie will agree.


I used to subscribe as well. Issue 31 was the best of course.


The best issue of anything ever.


Heya guys! Sorry I’ve had to put this on the back burner for so long, I’ve extracted all the pages with Panzer Dragoon content into individual PDF pages and am in the process of recombining multi-page features back into single PDFs. It looks like I have about 24 issues left to go through, I’ll post back here with my progress.


Once this is done, there’s the question of how to organise them on the site. They’re not technically ‘Pictures’, so it wouldn’t make sense to group them with other magazine scans. Maybe a new media type in left hand navigation bar… ‘Documents’?


It was written by evil leprechauns who wanted to save the world.


I remember when the local newsagent used to deliver this to my door.

Rich Leadbetter, Matt Yeo and all the other guys… especially the one who constantly got the piss took out of him.

I remember the final issue in August/September 1998… quite emotional as for me it marked the end of the Saturn.


That would be Lee (The) Nutter! I miss SSM, it was great.


Thought I will add that I have every magazine issue less than one meter away from me.