Panzer Dragoon Saga Stream

Here’s the stream I mentioned about in my introduction thread. I have recently started streaming PDS. I have had the game for many years and have yet to beat it(I did make it to disc 4). However my saturn’s cd drive stopped reading dics and the memory on both the saturn and cartidge were erased somehow. Anyway I figured its time to beat the damn game.

So i’d be very interested in having an audience to talk with as I play through Saga. And here’s the footage I have saved so far of my quest.

stream url -

part 1a -
1b -

part 2 -

part 3a -
3b -

Part 4a -
4b -

Part 5a -
5b -

Part 6a -
6b -

the stream is up and running for anyone loking to watch and chit chat.


Added part 4 of my playthrough from friday November 5th 2011. I am now on Disc 3 of the game.

despite skyrim’s imminent release I will be streaming PDS tomorrow at 11pm est. feel free to join me and chit chat.

I’m not going to be streming for a couple of weeks. I am in practice mode for next weekends major fighting game tournament , NEC. I’ll resume PDS streams on friday Dec, 9th.

sorry i haven’t been keeping up with the stream. I’m taking a break from streaming PDS until the new year. I am working late hours every friday and will be too tired to stream. So until then merry christmas and happy new year.

happy new year everyone. And I will be resuming PDS this friday and i will be playing for as long as possible to make up for the month of no PDS streams. :slight_smile:

Made it to disc 4 this evening. However I have discovered that I lost parts 3a, 5a and 4b. Not a happy camper about that.

whelp… ustream is being a pain in my ass. I’ve lost half of my saved streams of pds… in fact I had to download and delete the videos because ustream is going to start charging people for having over 10gbs worth of saved videos.

I’ve switched back to my twitch/justin account and will finish off the game on there.